Spa H2O, LLC dba Define Bottle

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Spa H2O, LLC dba Define Bottle

2228 W. Great Neck Rd #103
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
United States

TEL: +1757-751-7421

Allowing limitless combinations of fresh fruit, teas and herbs the bottle provides a great alternative to plain water and removes the temptation of sugary drinks. Available in four different variations, your options are endless when it comes to creating healthy, fresh fruit infused water! .The Define Bottle is made from a BPA free material called Tritan and has a strainer piece in the middle to keep the fruit from floating into your mouth piece and a re-freezable ice pack to help keep your fruit cool. The plastic on the bottle is thick, sturdy, and high quality. You can put hot liquids in it. The bottle is super easy to clean. It comes apart in many places to access all areas of the bottle for cleaning.

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